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Public Projects with Future Bid Dates
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Bid Date Project Name Address Project Administrator Contact  
Mar 28, 2018  Milwaukee Avenue Mill and Relay   Lubbock Tx  The Reproduction Company  Teofilo Flores City of Lubbock 806-775-2168
Mar 28, 2018 11AM  Furniture Row Remodel - AMARILLO  7700 WEST INTERSTATE HWY 40 AMARILLO TX  ABC Blueprints  Furniture Row Oklahoma City Larry Fore DIRECT ALL QUESTIONS TO:
Mar 29, 2018  UMC Electrophysiology Lab Renovations   Lubbock Tx  Condray Design Group  Emily Johnson Project Assistant Condray Design Group, Inc. 3708 Upland Avenue Lubbock, Texas 79407 (806)748-6190
Apr 4, 2018  Concrete Project   Lubbock Tx  The Reproduction Company  Teofilo Flores City of Lubbock 806-775-2168
Apr 10, 2018  Asphalt Replacement Project   Lubbock Tx  The Reproduction Company  Teofilo Flores City of Lubbock 806-775-2168
Apr 13, 2018  Shipley Do-Nuts Lubbock1  8710 University Avenue Lubbock TX  Wilkerson Properties, Inc.  Jeff Tippit, RA
Apr 13, 2018 2:00pm  WTAMU Old Main North Entry Remodel 2018   CANYON TX  ABC Blueprints  West Texas A&M University. 1. Address: 501 4th Ave. Canyon, TX 79016 2. Telephone: 806.651.2139. C. Primary Contact: All correspondence from the Contractor to the Architect will be through this party, unless alternate arrangements are mutually agreed upon at preconstruction meeting. 1. Title: Project Manager. 2. Name: Tory Ketcherside.
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ABC Blueprints
Amarillo, Texas
Hudson Blueprint, Inc.
Wichita Falls, Texas
The Reproduction Company
Lubbock, Texas
Wolf Reproduction Company, Inc.
Longview, Texas